Welcome to my homepage!

This page will contain everything and anything that I feel like putting here! For now I am creating my own alternative universe and will be modelling ships colonies etc…

If you have any suggestion or criticisms about my webpage, my models or anything else that I have made here PLEASE e-mail me so I can ignore you or send abusive mail back. THANKS and Enjoy…

I own everything on this site including images & animations unless otherwise stated and therefore you must get permission to use any of it in any way. I will most likely give you permission. BUT ASK!

02/07/2006 - WOW! This weekend has been shity! LOL! My ISP has gone into administration! It has been pretty shity for months but Friday night I couldn’t connect and by Saturday morning when I tried to go online I got a webpage saying “E7Even could no longer provide my internet connection.” And that they would get me online in 1 hour if I just sign up to them and pay £25 per month… Trouble is my old ISP was £15 per month and I JUST paid for the whole year UP FRONT! :-(. I am hoping I can get it back. Although I think it may be from my credit card company not E7Even!

ANYWAY the whole reason I am telling you this is I am currently on dialup (GOD IT’S SLOW! :-O) so my website and e-mail server have been down since Friday night as there hosted from my server at home. I have now paid :-( for web and domain hosting and its back up and running. Any trouble e-mail me (hopefully I will get it!).

13/06/2006 - Think I have the will and time now to start modeling again... I KNOW! I have said this before but this is different! (Maybe!) I have updated the History section a bit and corrected the spelling mistakes as well as changed it a bit (Lots more changes to come I think!). Go have a look around.

13/09/2004 - Quick update of what was missing from this page since 19/04/2002:
• Two tutorials made and uploaded
• Made a new model for my own universe of Sputnik
• Got a social life… (Hence the lack of updates since! ;-)) But I will try to fix that!

13/09/2004 - DOW! I managed to lose everything off my HDD (and this news page though some strange coincidence the same day!!!) and I mean everything and to make it worse I had just used my backup CD to copy some files over to another computer and hadn’t had time to make a new backup! So they ONLY stuff I have is on this server! :-( Some people said to me that it gives me a chance to start again with a clean slate which sounds like a good idea! So… I am going to try and make maybe 1 hour a day or something to find the time to make some more models… One good piece of news is my mate found a VERY old backup of my website from a HDD we used in our Linux server I used when we shared a house at university which is where this old version of my news page came from hence the loss of everything after 2002 (there wasn’t much ;-)) AND more importantly a backup of my USS Amy which meant something to me as she was a kinda tribute to my dog (Amy – Yellow Labrador) who passed away when I was half way though making her and needed a name. But I lost all the other models so if anyone has a copy of any of them give me a bell…

24/04/2002 - Long time no update… the reason there has been no updates in a while is because I have been spending all of my time on my university projects and any spare time I have had reading the 3DS Max 4 Bible as I am currently useless at texturing and lighting. BUT THIS WILL CHANGE! =)

Also don’t forget to check out my WIP section

17/12/2001 - At last I have finished setting up this site! I can now start on making some more models… The first one I will be creating will be the modified Sputnik. You will find this in the WIP area.

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