• USA + USSR start space race to put something into orbit.
  • USSR wins by getting a spy sat (Sputnik) above the USA without the USA's knowledge.
  • USA spies learn about the spy satellite after acquiring pictures of key USA buildings from space and USA panics thinking they may be able to put a weapons platform in orbit above the USA.
  • The USA proposes USSR to create an alliance where resources and information is shared.
    • The USSR agrees to join as long as they get equal control.
    • To make the sharing of information and resources easier the USA proposes a new language is created from 5 different existing languages (Mainly English) called TUFL (Technical User Friendly Language). Everyone would not have to covert to it immediately. But must teach it as a first language to all children and a second language to all people currently in education. Also all business within the UCE MUST be conducted in TUFL.
    • The USSR agrees on one condition that the USA pays off all of the USSR's debts.
    • The USA agrees as long as the USSR uses the same currency as the USA.
    • The USSR agrees to these terms and the UCE is born (United Continents Of Earth).
  • Russia & America share there technology with the UCE.
  • Shortly after the details of this new super alliance is revealed the current Prime Minister of the UK holds a vote to decide whether the UK will join.
    • The people of the UK decide to join the UCE with an 83% majority.
  • UCE starts to put satellites into space. - Currently up to here on modeling my second piece of technology. (A few more satellites to get back into modeling. ) WIP shortly.

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