As I have taken so much information and skills from the 3D community it is time to try and return some knowledge back. So I am going to SLOWLY build up tutorial of what I have created and learned. If you see something that I have created and would like to know how I did it then ask me and if I know how I did it ;-) and get some time I will create a tutorial and put it here. I will also create a list of request that have come in and I have not created a tutorial for so that you don't have to re-request it…

Request list

There are curretly no requests.


How to create this sun/star. How to create a STAR!
This is the first tutorial that I have created so if you are having any trouble please tell me so I can update the tutorial as it is unlikely that you are the ONLY person having trouble… I created this sun for an image of my Sputnik but never used it as I found another way. ;-)
How to create a Planet!
How to create this Earth/Planet + Moon.

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