Welcome to my picture gallery. In here I am putting all of the pictures that I create using my models.
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Earth & The Moon 1600x1200
After several attempts at creating a good looking earth (one that is not plastic looking!) and moon I was successful with this one. I may create a tutorial on how I did this if I think I can think of anything that would help other people in creating their own planets but all of the tutorials I read didn't seem to leave me with a good looking planet as everyone seems to think that it should look different. After all the earth as photographed from space looked boring and it is only in sci-fi films that it looks nice! :-)
LOOK! The Sun… =) As there are not many good photos of the sun I used the start-up to Voyager but I am very pleased with the results.
The Sun 1600x1200
Sputnik In Orbit 1600x1200
This is the first model that I have created for my own universe (See link "My_Universe" on the menu). It is the place where My_Universe splits off from our universe. Instead of the USSR creating a satellite that sent out a constant radio noise (Sputnik) they created a satellite that had a small video camera on board pointing at the earth and it transmitted the pictures back to earth.

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