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3D Modelling:

This is the best site for Sci-fi user in my opinion. It has a decent forum and tutorials etc...

This is Tachy's web page. It is dedicated to 3D art and has some good tutorials and articles.
P.S. Tachy is a GOD.

Some planet textures for free they are not very big or detailed but they are FREE and good for background planets.

Same site different stuff… This time we have lots of tutorials for MAX.

This seems to be a few web pages all put together into on community…

This page contains textures for everything from metal to people.

Contains plug-ins for 3DS MAX VERY USEFUL!

This site contains more plug-ins some of which cost and others are free like Texporter! (You need this!)

This contains lots of 3D Galleries.

Good site for 3D / Star trek stuff!

LOTS AND LOTS of textures and planet maps ect.

An AMAZING site dedicated to computer generated images and animations. Plus some tutorials etc…

This is a very good site for LW users. It has a huge forum, tutorials, models etc…

A good site for planet maps from NASA.

Good tutorial on how to apply textures to a ship.

Some good MAX plug-ins and links.

Nice site for making models for games like Quake and Unreal.

This is a GREAT tutorial on how to create a realistic planet. (You can use some of the planet maps from the other links to get the best affect.)

This is a page left over when scifi-art died… =( it contains some of Tachy's AMAZING sci-fi meshes.

Another site that was left over from this time it is a site with tutorials on.

This is a nice Star Trek site with something on all of the ST's.

Just what the title says!

Free Pre-Textured Models, Seamless Textures, Tutorials, Web Space, And More!

This is a good article on lighting and how to make it look realistic in CG.

Another site with some artwork, articles and tutorials.

Lots and lots of blueprints for stuff.

Loads and loads of links for 3D stuff and other infomation.

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